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Transaction History

Ground Lease Acquisition

$82 Million complex ground lease purchase

Real Estate Acquisition

$3.9 Million purchase of 6.2 acres office suite development parcel

Real Estate Disposition

Sale of 9.0 acre general development parcel (amount confidential)


Gulfstream Purchase

$32.5 Million purchase of Gulfstream G450
(parties confidential)

Gulfstream Sale

$27 Million sale of Gulfstream G5 (parties confidential)

Boeing (BBJ) Sale

$5X.X Million Sale of Boeing Business Jet
(parties and amount confidential)

Internet Consumer Goods Joint Venture

Assisted formation of strategic partnership for internet discount conglomerate with numerous S&P 500 corporations

Equity & Debt Investments

Private placement of equity and secured debt in Twisted Concepts LLC (Amount Confidential)




Secured & Unsecure Debt Investments

Secured & Unsecure Debt Investments

Private placement of $2.5 Million in equity and debt for Hawaiian Tropic apparel and footwear licensee and sub-manufacturer

Internet Services Joint Venture

Assisted formation of and co-branded strategic partnership with leading internet service provider

Gaming and Leisure Joint Ventures

Gaming and Leisure Joint Venture

Assisted formation of legalized international internet gaming company with private investors