Welcome To Strong Point Capital


Mergers & Acquisitions

Strong Point Capital is experienced in working with management teams in both buy-side and sell-side mergers and acquisitions. We focus on transactions where we have strong sector knowledge and multiple industry contacts. Our team assists companies which range from emerging growth ventures to mature operating companies.

Disposition of Assets

We employ a variety of strategies to maximize value as it relates to the sale of assets. Our team brings a deal-oriented approach and a business perspective that demonstrate the ability to facilitate and maximize returns. Our experience and working relationships permit us to produce the best results for the sale of your assets. Over the past year our team has been involved in 145 million dollars in sales of assets.

Joint Venture Consulting

Strong Point Capital’s JV consulting assists agencies, companies, corporations and individuals who are considering entering into a joint venture agreement. Our team will support you through the process by:

  • Identifying opportunity
  • Performing financial and operational assessments
  • Designing governance, equity, and operational structure
  • Evaluating the business model feasibility and alternatives
  • Assisting in implementation

Due Diligence

Strong Point Capital will evaluate the attractiveness of the market segments of your target and your strategic alternatives for the future. We assess the financial position of the target by looking at earnings history, cash flow, future earnings potential, quality of its assets and liabilities, working capital, purchase price allocation and tax compliance. Furthermore, we will assess the target’s management team, look at its relationship with key stakeholders and investigate its performance improvement systems and opportunities for savings.

Strong Point Capital brings a team to your project that has extensive experience in numerous fields. Our team will get the assessment and comprehensive analysis you need to alleviate risk, ensure a healthy return on investment and close the deal.

Fairness Opinion Rendering

Strong Point Capital has extensive experience with the issuance of fairness opinions for transactions that have a material impact on the value of a company. We provide thoughtful, thorough and highly strategic evaluation from terms and conditions to pricing. Our analysis supplements due diligence, assesses risk and benchmarks relevant data points from an independent perspective.

General Business Consulting

Strong Point Capital has extensive experience providing financial advisory services associated with companies undergoing any type of transformation. We have developed research methods and financial models which are used in conducting valuations and professional appraisals.


Strategic Professional Relationships

Strong Point Capital‘s extensive experience offers you the opportunity to leverage our relationships within the accounting and legal professions to deliver you a cost-effective approach towards maximizing your business goals.